Portrait is our first lookbook and is inspired by the work of the iconic Malian photographer Seydou Keita. This photo collection celebrates how despite various diasporas and decades, we will always carry our culture with us.

Into the Diaspora “Gwendolyn Brooks”

you did not know you were Afrika

When you set out for Afrika

you did not know you were going.


you did not know you were Afrika.

You did not know the Black continent

that had to be reached

was you.

I could not have told you then that some sun

would come,

somewhere over the road,

would come evoking the diamonds

of you, the Black continent--

somewhere over the road.

You would not have believed my mouth.

When I told you, meeting you somewhere close

to the heat and youth of the road,

liking my loyalty, liking belief,

you smiled and you thanked me but very little believed me.

Here is some sun. Some.

Now off into the places rough to reach.

Though dry, though drowsy, all unwillingly a-wobble,

into the dissonant and dangerous crescendo.

Your work, that was done, to be done to be done to be done.